Ladies, are you wracking your brain trying to figure out what to get your guy for Valentines's Day? Even though you are almost out of time to order the perfect gift, just make it Valentines Day month and you'll be good. How about a gift the is sexy and silly?? I have the answer!

What could be better than your man in a Tarzan loin cloth or maybe even a thong kilt???? The answer, NOTHING!! LMAO!!!!

You have to check out this HILARIOUS male lingerie! WARNING: You WILL pee your pants laughing!!! Lesson here, let's just leave the sexy lingerie to the ladies!!!

BTW...don't tell anybody..... but, I DID order the (above) cock-a-doodle doo!!!! ;-) Can't wait for that rooster to wake me up!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!


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