It was not that long ago that Evansville was named as the most obese city in the country and even though we have showed up in different positions on that list in subsequent follow-up surveys, this is something the city took seriously. In fact, Mayor Winnecke made it a priority to get Evansville more fit and thanks to the help of some health and fitness professionals and concerned citizens, they came up with the 'Energize Evansville' initiative dedicated to getting Evansville more active. This Saturday, Energize Evansville will launch a 'Fitness in the Park' event at 9am on the State Hospital grounds at Lincoln and Vann. This event will kick-off the the national Pushups for Charity Challenge to benefit The Boot Campaign, a Texas-based non-profit that donates proceeds to a group of partner charities that work with soldiers healing from physical and emotional combat wounds.

There will also be yoga, zumba, piloxing and boot camp style classes following the push-up challenge.

 Tony Maslan, owner of Custom Fit and the chairman of the Energize Evansville committee says, "We want to show our support for our veterans who have sacrificed so much for our freedom and security...and we want to engage our local community in a fun way to get get fit and enjoy one of our many beautiful city parks."

See a short video about the push-up challenge below and go to to register for the event or donate.