The Holiday Sason is typically a big season for Engagements. Make no mistake, asking someone to marry you is a big deal and how and where you do it is an equally big deal.  The biggest problem are propsals in public. These can work and they can completely disasterous and even devestating.

As a general rule, I am NOT a believer in the "Jumbotron" propoal at a sporting event or a concert. Granted, some of these work out fine, but some go horribly wrong.

Doing something simple in front of friends and family is one thing, but in front of thousands of strangers...not so much. Bottomline, know the person you are proposing to and propose according to that knowledge. Be more concerned about sharing your thoughts in the right setting and less concerned about making it as big as possible, because bigger is not necessarily better. Below you will find some examples of proposals that went bad and I dare you to keep yourself from squirming in your seat because of the awkwardness, enjoy....or not.