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The Big Facebook Public Stock Sale Was………Not So Good
Today was the big day...the day Facebook went public with potential share buyers lining up with visions of riches beyond their wildest expectations. Facebook did raise over $18 billion which gets their market value to about $100 billion, which was the goal. The stock sale, known as an IPO (initial p…
Should Every American Be Required To Buy Health Insurance? [Poll]
Today is the third and final day for the U.S. Supreme Court's review of health care reform as outlined in President Obama's proposed health care legislation that some call 'Obamacare'. The steps of the Supreme Court building in Washington D.C. has been lined with protestors on both sides of the prop…
Kim Kardashian Gets Bombed With Baking Flour [Video]
If you listen to Leslie and I weekday mornings, you know my feelings on Kim Kardashian and the whole concept of reality TV. Where do these people come from and how and why do they become huge celebrities making incredible amounts of money??? I don't and would never give the Kardashians the…
If Kids Could Set The Rules For Divorce, What Would They Say?
It is the start of a new year which could also mean a new start for people especially, children whose parents may be divorcing. The divorce rates are at an all-time high and no matter how hard we try to make it as easy as possible for the kids, they wind up hurt and sometimes very hurt.
Public Marriage Proposals Not Always A Good Idea [Videos]
The Holiday Sason is typically a big season for Engagements. Make no mistake, asking someone to marry you is a big deal and how and where you do it is an equally big deal.  The biggest problem are propsals in public. These can work and they can completely disasterous and even devestating...
Secret Smartphone App Records Everyting You Do [Video]
Imagine if everything you did on your smartphone was logged somewhere and was being tracked. Well, according to a security researcher, there is hidden software, known as Carrier IQ that is found on some smartphones including HTC, Blackberry and Nokia.
Is This The World’s Scariest Roller Coaster? [Video]
Holiday World is the Roller Coaster capitol of the U.S. with the Voyage being the number one ranked wooden roller coaster inthe world. The coaster in this video is not the fastest and certainly is not the highest coaster in the world, but it could very well be the scariest and most terrifying coaste…
Out Of The Rubble Comes A Miracle [Video]
A 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit turkey on Sunday and toppled more than 2,000 buildings. Early Tuesday morning a 2-week-old infant girl was pulled from the rubble of one of the buildings. The girl's mother and grandmother were also pulled from the rubble alive about two hours later.

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