In an effort to help the Vanderburgh County Health Department provide mother's the supplies they need, we're teaming up with the east side Walmart in Evansville to host a Diaper Drive today, Wednesday, June 13th. We'll broadcast live from Walmart all day long collecting your donations of diapers, bottles, wipes, and other baby items the Health Department will in turn give to the mothers in the program who otherwise may not be able to afford them at this time.

It's a long, hot day so we are trying to stay busy by having a little fun. Travis and Liberty decided to play a little game of baby food roulette. Since I'm considered "the House," I stacked the deck. Four really gross sounding baby foods: corn pudding, broccoli and rice with cheddar, cheese potatoes with pork loin, and chicken noodles with one good fruity apple peach oatmeal. They had to pick their poison and eat what they picked. Check it out and then come donate your baby items!

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