The community has really pulled through for this boy! DCAC just announced Yogi was adopted!

It took the shelter staff a while to filter through the adoption inquiries the emails because their account was being flooded by negative, derogatory comments. Remember, most dogs that are on euthanasia lists, you never hear about. Because there are shelters that won’t push for their dogs to be adopted the way this shelter does. No one wanted Yogi to be euthanized. If that was the case, this plea wouldn’t exist.

Yogi isn't the only dog that's at risk of being euthanized. There are so many unwanted pets that the shelter simply can't keep up. They are good people trying their best to find animals' homes but unless the community steps up, there is no other choice. This is a reminder to have your pets spayed or neutered. Foster unwanted animals and donate your time and money to help keep shelters operational. Check out these other cuties that need a home in a really bad way. Here's how to adopt any of these homeless pets.


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This pup needs your help!

Yogi has spent most of his days at the Daviess County Animal Shelter, but each day adopters walk by his kennel. Yogi 1 year, 9 months old and he's full of sweet energy. He has a unique pattern on his soft fur that is as soft as velvet. He is a pit bull mix with plenty of energy to burn. Yet as adorable as Yogi is, nobody has found him sweet enough to bring home with them.

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Maddie West
Maddie West

With no luck and the shelter becoming full, Yogi has been moved to urgent as his euthanasia date approaches. Unfortunately, Yogi will be euthanized on March 4th unless adopted before. Yogi needs a home with no small animals, especially cats. For an application to meet Yogi, please message the Daviess County Animal Shelter Facebook page, or email the shelter at Dcacanimals@yahoo.com.

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