Apparently people don't mess around when it comes to bingo in Owensboro!
The Owensboro Police Department were called to the bingo hall because a disturbance was about to break out due to people cutting in line! Yes, this really happened...

Granted, this was a special night for bingo in Owensboro as their Queen of Hearts Jackpot was $139,529! That's a lot of money! I would put up a fight over that jackpot too if someone was cutting in line. It would be elementary school lunch line drama all over again.

Me: "Umm teacher, he cutted in front of me in line!"

Line Cutter: "No I didn't"

Me:"Yes you did! Liar liar pants on fire!"

Teacher: "Now, you know snitches get stitches, Travis"

Okay...maybe my teacher never said anything like that, but you get what I am talking about. That's kind of how I pictured the line cutting situation going at the bingo hall. Luckily, nothing bad went down at the bingo hall last night, so everyone got in there safely. Even better news is that someone actually won the Jackpot last night!

Although, the highlight for most people on social media last night was the post above about the line cutters. The moral of this story is simple: don't cut in line at the bingo hall! That's one way to get yourself into some trouble in Owensboro. The only thing that could be worse than that is yelling out "BINGO!" especially when you don't have one! I learned that lesson from watching Impractical Jokers!

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