While many stores and major retailers are moving away from being open on Thanksgiving Day, there are eight national chains that will be open on Thanksgiving Day in the Evansville area.

The Great Debate

There is some debate about whether or not retailers should be open on major holidays like Thanksgiving where the primary focus of the holiday itself is spending time with family. There are those who argue that stores and businesses should be closed to give employees the opportunity to spend that time with family or friends. There are those too who would argue that for those who may not have traditional family dynamics, the holiday pay associated with working is appealing.

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Some Retailers Stepping Away from Thanksgiving Day

Several years ago, pre-pandemic, many retailers began opening their doors on Thanksgiving Day in competition for the consumer's dollars. Once the pandemic hit, many of those same major chains and department stores had to pivot, and part of the changes they made included going back to the "old days" of retail where they closed the doors on Thanksgiving Day. Retailers like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy are just a few of the twenty-three major chains in the Evansville area that will be closed on the holiday.

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Several Others Will Keep The Doors Open

While Walmart and Target will be closing their doors on Thanksgiving Day, others like Dollar General and Family Dollar will continue to keep their doors open. In the Evansville area, there are a total of eight national retail and pharmacy chains that will remain open on Thanksgiving Day.

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These 8 National Chains in Evansville Will Be Open on Thanksgiving Day 2022

These 8 national retail, pharmacy, and grocery chains will have their doors open to customers in Evansville, Indiana on Thanksgiving Day 2022.

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