Black Friday

Here’s Our List of Top Cyber Monday Finds
It's Cyber Monday! Here's a list of some great deals we've found for you. We'll update this page all day long with more awesome deals as we find them, so be sure to check back with us throughout the day!
Here are direct links to some popular Walmart Cyber Monday categories
Is Black Friday Holiday Shopping a Thing of the Past?
The 'Christmas Creep', the time of the year we start seeing signs of Christmas, gets earlier and earlier every year. You can start seeing Christmas items on store shelves sometimes as early as mid-summer. You know, that small corner in the back of the store that you see in late July that j…
Black Friday Prank at a Dollar Store Is a Win Win
When you think about Black Friday, you think about big department stores, box stores and electronics stores. Have you ever seen hundreds lined up in front of a small mom and pop 99-cent store? Not until now, thanks to the folks at Improve Everywhere who specialize in holiday season pranks. Some pran…
Black Friday Shopping Prank [Video]
It is the Christmas shopping season and the two guys in the below video pulled a hilarious prank on some Target employees on Black Friday. The prank they pulled on each other is even funnier because they each wrote a list of items for the other to find.
Black Friday Crowd Rushes Store [Video]
We all know about 'Black Friday' and everything associated with it. We had some good crowds here in the Tri-State, but with some stores opening as early as 10pm Thanksgiving night, there wasn't necessarily that 'mad rush' you might expect....unless you were in line at Urban …