Indiana is chock-full of places to enjoy antiquing or shopping for vintage goodies, but according to some, one location serves as a prime hunting ground.

As a longtime Star Wars fan, I'm always looking for new places to browse for vintage collectibles. Most recently, I recently secured an original Kenner "snow speeder" from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, that was in pretty rough shape. I had to repair a few broken pieces, replace the stickers, and even order a couple of new parts. But with a little elbow grease, I soon had it restored to it's original, or at least, near original condition. It was a fun project.

Having recently moved back to Indiana, I've been hitting up all my old favorite places for vintage toy shopping, like Evansville Toys & Games and Secret Headquarters. I've also been visiting several local thrift shops and have really enjoyed looking at the interesting collectibles throughout each location. That said, there is one antique mall I have never visited, but apparently, it's well worth the trip. Some even claim this place is the best antiquing locale around.

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According to an article from Only in Your State, Crown Antique Market is perhaps one of, if not the best, places to buy antiques in the Hoosier State. Located at 545 E. 110 Ave. in Crown Point, this shop is said to be home to just treasure and no trash (which is not always the case for many anique shops, thrift stores, and flea markets). The author said the store features a vast number of items, including records, comic books, toys, home decor, furniture, and more.

Crown Antique Mall Inc / Facebook
Crown Antique Mall Inc / Facebook

Crown Antique Market recently celebrated five years in business and pulled out all the stops for the big celebration. The day featured food trucks, give-a-ways, and even a visit from writer and actor Joey D'Auria. (According to IMDB, he is perhaps most known for his role as "Bozo the Clown" in The Bozo Show, as well as several roles in The Tom and Jerry Show.) Additionally, on Father's Day, the store sold everything at 10% off in honor of the holiday. It's safe to say I'll be paying a visit to this shop soon and hopefully bringing back some more Star Wars goodies.

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