If you live in this Indiana town, it might not be a good thing to call it "home."

Indiana towns are really a hot topic lately. When it comes to Indiana, we have no shortage of small towns with a few big cities scattered in there too. Everyone has small-town pride nowadays.  Recently we have covered many of these towns in articles such as the worst small towns in Indiana, an Indiana small town that makes you feel like you are in a Hallmark movie, the best must-visit small town in Indiana, the best small town in IndianaHGTV naming this Indiana town as the most charming in the state, and the most expensive place to live in Indiana.


To keep with the theme of Indiana towns, one was named one of the worst places to call home. Recently, the website Travel A Lot, compiled a list of the worst places in the United States to call home. Why wouldn't you want to call these places "home?" According to Travel A Lot:

<p>When property values are too low, reselling your home will be a challenge, and not in a good way. Often poverty and crime in a city will keep property values low. In terms of safety, crime is a huge concern for many families. Meanwhile, areas with high unemployment rates and poverty mean you are not likely to find many good job opportunities.</p><p>If you're looking to start a new life in a new city, err on the side of caution. Not every city in the country affords the best opportunities.  Avoid the dread of unemployment, crime and unaffordable housing. These are the worst cities to call home in the United States. If you've been thinking of moving to any of these areas, it may be time to reconsider. While some of these places may improve in the future, they are improving for the foreseeable future.</p>
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Worst Place in Indiana to Call Home

Of the many cities listed in this article, there was only one that is found in Indiana. Considering some states had multiple cities on this list, I'd take that as a win for Indiana. However, when it comes to this Indiana city, not so much.

East Chicago, Indiana was named one of the worst places to call home in the United States. Why? Well, here's what Travel A Lot said:

<ul><li>29 drug-related death out of every 100,000</li><li>Median Home Value: $73,000</li><li>Poverty Rate: 32.5%</li></ul><p>East Chicago in Indiana can be found in the northwest corner of the state and is 20 miles from downtown Chicago. The population of 28,448 continues to struggle economically and drugs are a concern too. In the county, 29 drug-related deaths in the county affect every 100,000 persons.</p><p>The median home value in the area is $73,900. Property values are low in part due to the high poverty levels and unemployment. An estimated 32.5% of residents are at poverty level. The 12.5% unemployment rate is also high considering the state average. </p>

Now, I am sure that East Chicago isn't all bad. Here, you will see some of the highlights of the city.

So, what do you think? Should East Chicago be on the list of the worst places to call home in the United States? You can take a look at what other cities in the United States made this list too, by clicking here.

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