With The Cake Boss coming to The Victory Theater on August 5th, I thought about how many cool cakes my wife has made.  A speech therapist by occupation, she really longs to be a baker.  I wanted to show off her cake, and I would love to see yours too.

In the time we've been together, she's baked a lot of awesome cakes, my favorite being a Mario Bros. cake complete with green pipes.  Sadly, I have no pictures of that cake, nor do I have pictures of the awesome Wow Wow Wubzy cake she made for a friend's birthday.  Heck I didn't know who Wubzy was, but that cake was spot-on.  The picture I do have is this one for the same friend, who a year later dined on sponge cake...Sponge Bob Square Cake that is.

I hope you've kept better photo records of your cakes.  Please send them in below, so I can share them with the Tri-State, and don't forget to get your Cake Boss Tickets for August 5th!

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