We want to say a big congratulations to the winner of our cake decorating contest.  We asked for your submissions for birthday cakes for Evansville, and you came through.  After all the submissions, Buddy Valastro has picked the winner.

We want to congratulate Mitzi Dicks from Newburgh.  Here's her cake and what she had to say about it:


I LOVE this city, I was born here and my family has lived here since the Civil War days. I've lived in Newburgh, but everyone knows that Evansville is like the big sister with all the cool clothes and fun stuff to do :D I put all the love I have for this city into this cake and I think someone besides my 20 something facebook friends and family should see it :)

Thanks for putting on this contest :) making this cake has brought back soooo many WONDERFUL memories. It made me miss my grandparents, whom even if they had lived a hundred years it wouldn't have been enough and mourn for a past full of baseball games, trips to the zoo, trips to the casino with my grandmother and soooo many events and ceremonies in the Downtown and throughout this FANTASTIC community :) I now get to enjoy all of these things with my own awesome kiddo and my wonderful husband :)

I'm already a winner because I get to live here!!

Thanks Mitzi and enjoy seeing the Cake Boss live and meeting him!



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