Every so often, a story comes along that has to be shared and this is one of those stories. Parents are always trying to teach their kids to do the right thing, be honest and own up to your mistakes. Share with them the story of an elderly man who walked into a Seattle area Sears store recently and paid back the money he stole in the late 1940's, with interest. The man entered the store and was seen on security cameras carrying an envelope. He went up the to the customer service desk and handed the envelope to the employee behind the desk. The envelope said 'Store Manager' on the front and the man walked away.

 The mananger, Gary Lorenston, opened the envelope and found a $100 bill and a note. The note said the man had stolen $20 or $30 from a cash register in the late 1940's and wanted to pay it back with the interest, which came to about $100. Lorenston believes the man's conscience has bothering him all these years and he finally decided to do the right thing. Nobody spoke to the man and even though security cameras recorded the man, they do not know who he is and they will not release the video.

Stealing is wrong and even though he should have done this a long time ago, it is never too late to do the right thing. There is a BIG lesson here that we can all learn from. Living with guilt is no way to live and this man obviously needed to relieve this burden that he has carried for more than 70 years. My faith in our ability to do good has been restored. See the note and the news story below.