If you knew that a chicken dinner was going to cost $500, I guarantee you would not eat in the car because that is not what the meal itself actually cost, but that's what it cost an Ottawa, Canada man when he was ticketed for eating a rotisserie chicken while driving. He was weaving all over the road and was contstantly reaching for something when cops lit him up. We all know about the dangers of texting while driving, but statistics in Canada and in the U.S. show that drivers are more frequently distracted  by eating while driving than they are by their smartphones....that is a very surprising statistic.

According to a recent PEMCO Insurance poll, 65-percent of those polled admitted they were distracted because they were eating, 58-percent said they regularly talk on a cell phone and 6-percent admitted to reading while driving....READING, OMG!!!

You will be happy to know that eating in the car began in the U.S., but Europeans had their issues as well with cupholders that were terrible and mis-sized.

We already know that cops will be cracking down on cell phone use, but they will also focus on eating as well. Our Federal government is considering cell phone legislation, but almost nothing has been said by legislators about chickens, burritos and burgers while driving.


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