Imagine coming up with an idea for a new product like a toy, tool, camera or anything else you can think of and sketching it out on a computer. Now, you need a prototype....wouldn't it be nice to just load the computer image into a printer and print out a perfect scale model? Now you can. Not only are these 3D printers gaining in popularity, they are gaining technologically everyday.

To illustrate this, ventriloquist Jeff Dunham will bring his cast of charcaters to the Ford Center on Feruary 1st. One of Dunham's new puppets is Achmed Jr. and that puppet was created using a 3D printer. Dunham designed the character's head on his computer, then printed the head on his 3D printer that he later painted and turned into Achmed Jr.

 The technology is fascinating and the below video shows you the process. Another video below shows a kite that came directly from a 3D printer. See for yourself, simply amazing.

Three Cubes Colliding from Jimandtonic on Vimeo.