I know we are just a few days past Halloween, but it is NEVER too early for Christmas Tree Cakes!

Little Debbie
Little Debbie

We got a little summer time treat this year when they released Christmas in July Christmas Tree Cakes. Those were out for a few weeks, and then we were left waiting for the day when we could get our hands on the Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes. Well, that day has come!

Yesterday, I went grocery shopping at Walmart, and I saw a whole shelf full of Christmas Tree Cakes. I cannot tell you how happy that sight made me. These things are by far, my favorite snack!

The only sad thing about them is the fact that they are only around for a limited time only. Sure there are substitutes for the Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes, but none quite as good!

So if you're going grocery shopping this week, you might want to pick up a box or two, before I start stocking up and emptying the shelves!

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