One of the reasons I love snow is because of the many ways to play in it. I’ve built snowmen, snow women, snow forts, gone sledding, been snowmobiling, skied, ice skated, and even ice fished, but I've never gone kayaking in the snow. It seems like a no brainer, though.

This guy, from Hardin County, KY, is having the time of his life while his friend pulls him down snow covered roads in a kayak. He’s even using the oars to turn corners and maneuver himself all of the road. He looks like a pro, like he may have done this before.

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All I know is, I’m about to get my kayak out of the garage for some snowy time fun.

Although this looks like a huge amount of fun, this can be dangerous. You never want to attempt anything like this on a busy street. Always use caution. Anything you do on snow and ice can be dangerous. I should know, I've have had many snow play related accidents over the years. One accident started out much like this video, only it was a sled and a very unsafe, not even manufactured anymore, three-wheeler.

I was the one driving and pulling my friends around on a sled. We all had a need for speed, so I would go has fast as I could and weave in and out of the trees and into a large field. When we would sled with the three-wheeler, I would always have a lookout on the back, to watch for the sledders falling off of the sled. Well, my lookout wasn’t paying attention and I kept going after my friend fell off. The thing was, she was still attached to the sled. So, as I sharply turned the corner so she would go flying over the snow, on the sled. Well, she ended up flying right into a tree and I turned so sharp, I ended up turning the three-wheeler over and wrecking too.

As I looked back to make sure she was ok, I saw her wrapped around the tree like Wile E. Coyote on a highway sign. Luckily, she wasn’t hurt and neither was I. But, it could have been much worse. After that wreck, and many others my mom didn’t know about, we were no longer allowed to sled in the road or in that part of the woods. Our speed sledding only took place in the open field, with no obstacles. That ended up being even more fun and a whole lot safer.

Always use extra caution when playing in the snow on a sled, especially if you are being pulled by something motorized and always wear a helmet.


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