In 2018, "The Office" was Netflix's most streamed show, but that wasn't enough to keep sitcom on the streaming service. According to CNN, Netflix users spent more time streaming "The Office" than any other show last year, and for good reason. Everyone knows that "The Office" is great!

There were reports of the show leaving Netflix due to NBC Universal launching it's own streaming service. Now, Netflix has confirmed that  "The Office" is officially leaving the streaming platform. And everyone's reaction is:

The good news is that the show isn't going anywhere until 2021. Even though, that's right around the corner, it seems, "The Office" will still be available to stream after 2021, it will just be on NBC Universal's ad-supported streaming service.

When January 2021 hits, you will likely see many fans of the show react like this:

...but wait, it gets worse...

If "The Office" is leaving Netflix NBC Universal's streaming service, does that mean that "Parks and Recreation" is leaving too? I'm afraid that might be the case.

Oh, and it doesn't stop there, my friends.

"Friends," the second most watched show on Netfix, is also a show that could be removed from the streaming platform once it's contract expires. The show would be exclusive on the WarnerMedia streaming service. As you may recall, there were concerns of Netflix losing "Friends" last year too, however they are signed on through 2019.

This is just the beginning, folks. Disney plans on launching a streaming platform in the near future, so that could put shows affiliated with Disney at risk of leaving Netflix too. That would include another popular Netfix show, "Grey's Anatomy," which is an ABC show that is owned by Disney. So far, there are just rumors that "Grey's Anatomy" could be leaving Netflix, but it's something that can't be ruled out since Disney is going to pull most of their shows/movies off of Netflix when they launch Disney+.

Let's hope that they sort all of this out and come to an agreement. Otherwise, this will be the reaction of millions:

When "Parks and Recreation" gets removed:

When "Friends" gets removed:

When "Grey's Anatomy" gets removed:

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