The world was in an uproar earlier this week as news broke that the beloved sitcom, Friends will be leaving Netflix in 2019. What would Netflix be without Friends?! With just under a month left for the show on Netflix, millions voiced their displeasure.

Thankfully, Netflix has confirmed that Friends will NOT be leaving Netflix on Janurary 1, 2019. They said that was just a rumor. In fact the show will remain on the streaming platform throughout 2019. However, there's a catch.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, WarnerMedia will be launching their own streaming service at the end of 2019. It's assumed that Warner Bros TV-owned Friends would be a major part of that service at launch. The big question is will Friends be exclusive to the WarnerMedia streaming service, or will it be available on both WarnerMedia and Netflix?

That has yet to be answered, but we all can rest easy tonight knowing that Friends isn't leaving Netflix any time soon. We will have at least all of 2019 to binge watch the sitcom on Netflix!

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