Why are people worldwide hoarding toilet paper? It's a real thing, especially in Asia and the Pacific region. In Australia it was reported 192,000 rolls of the soft absorbent paper product were sold in one hour. Stores can't keep it on the shelves in China, Japan, Hong Kong and other areas. A gang in Hong Kong recently stole not drugs or baby Yodas, but 6000 rolls of toilet paper. Shortages are now being reported the US. Evidently people are concerned a lengthy quarantine, because of COVID-19 Coronavirus, will keep them from being able to get their favorite poop paper.

To check on availability here in Evansville, I visited two Evansville grocery stores on March 10--one a value location and another a premium store. Here's what I found:


ruler foods

Looks like a higher than average run on tissue for a Tuesday at Ruler. Now let's check:


toliet paper schnucks march

Now that's a way above average run on toilet paper. It's not a sellout like some Asian stores and not even as much as in some areas in the US where the Coronavirus has been reported. I should admit while I was taking these photos, I bought a dozen rolls just in case.  After all, they don't publish a Sears and Roebuck catalog anymore.

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