Indoor football returns to Evansville in the Spring of 2019 when the Indiana Firebirds make their debut with the National Gridiron League inside the Ford Center! But, there won't be much to see if there are no players on the field. If you, or someone you know, think you have what it takes to knock heads on the gridiron, you're chance to prove it is coming up Saturday (December 8th, 2018) during the team's open tryouts.

The tryouts will take place in front of Firebirds staff, including head coach Nick Hart (yes, the same one who has been extremely successful in making the Gibson Southern High School team a juggernaut) at Central High School Stadium on First Avenue in Evansville. Registration begins at 9:00 a.m. before the tryouts get underway at 10:00. Players are asked to wear "their best athletic performance gear," and will have their photo taken, along with their height and weight before being put through a series of player drills related to the position they hope to play, as well as general drills such as the 40-yard dash, vertical jump, and cone and ladder drills.

Registration is $55 per player if done before or on December 7th, and can be done online through the league website. The price jumps to $95 on the day of the tryout.

For more info on what to expect at the tryout, visit the Firebirds website.

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