You know what they say: the couple that diets together, stays thin together.

Nearly three years ago Indiana resident Amanda Flick and her husband Keith decided to reclaim their lives by losing some of the extra pounds that were lingering in unflattering places.

Now, the couple reports that thanks to a personal trainer and a change in their diet, they have lost 190 pounds of weight between them.

“We stopped going out to eat, started cooking healthy meals and, every calorie, we counted,” said Amanda Flick, who told Good Morning America in a recent interview that she weighed 223 pounds before the diet. “We used to order pizza every Sunday and eat an entire pizza. We don’t do that anymore.”

Amanda Flick says that she lost the majority of her weight by working out to Jillian Michaels DVDs, running and using the elliptical machine. However, a knee injury caused a setback to her workout routine, causing her to regain 15 pounds of the 50 she already lost.

“I hired a personal trainer and he helped me get my knee better and got me running again,” she said. “Working out is a hobby now.”

Her husband Keith works to keep the couple’s diet in check by cooking dinner every night, using fresh vegetables and healthy ingredients. Amanda says that she helps her he husband stay motivated to exercise.

“We both have more energy now and want to do something instead of sleeping all day, because that’s what we would do,” she said. “Now I’m at the gym at 5 a.m.”

Amanda says she now works as a personal trainer.

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