Vampire Cocktail and More Drinks That Will Make You Scream
I look forward to this every single year. The spooky drink unveiling at Applebee's. Drinks with a personality, even if they are a little creepy and over the top, are my jam. They are so, so good. I plan on getting in my costume and going trick or treating at Applebee's, and by trick or tre…
Guess the Mystery Oreo Flavor for Big Money
At our house, we love Oreos. Everything Oreo, from the cookies to the ice cream to the cereal. Even the odd flavors are delicious. Especially when the different flavors can win you money. It's a win whether you are eating the cookies or winning the cash.
Apples Make The Yummiest Fall Desserts
I have just recently discovered the joy of cooking when I was given an Insta-Pot. On the air, I have shared my adventures in creating some of the yummiest things my family has ever had come out of my kitchen. So now, I am on the hunt for the best recipes to try for breakfast, lunch dinner and even f…
Try Some Biscuits and Gravy Popsicles...Wait, What?
Now, don't get me wrong, I love food served cold. Pizza, pasta, chicken, burgers, steak, eggs, give me all of them. Who has time to heat them up? Not me. But, I have to draw the line on biscuits and gravy. Nobody wants their favorite morning comfort food served cold. YUCK. But, I 'll let y…
Picking the Best Bell Pepper Is All About Gender
I love the little vegetable stand, on HWY 231, in Masonville, KY. Just stopping by their to buy my fresh veggies, I have learned so much! If you have ever wondered which pepper you should pick, it depends on what you are doing with it and whether the pepper is male or female.

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