Listed on a national website, an Illinois home is getting some pub for having one of the best "man caves" in America.

You know what a "man cave" is right?


a room or space (as in a basement) designed according to the taste of the man of the house to be used as his personal area for hobbies and leisure activities

The fact that "man cave" is an actual word with a definition absolutely kills me. Hilarious.

I do like the female version of the "man cave", the "she shed" better. It just sounds so much cooler. Plus they have a better commercial.

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Anyway, one of the best man caves in America just so happens to be in Illinois. I guess if you want a spacious floor plan with a pool table or just an area you can envision manly activities like, I don't know, doing very manly things, this is the place for you.

It's located at 171 Denell Drive in Crete, Illinois.

Bruce Hackel RE/MAX 10

Now, I'm not sure why Mediafeed decided to say that it has one of the best man caves in America, because, I'm having a hard time figuring out one if it's actually for sale, and two, is it really?


This four-car attached garage/workshop measures approx. 44 foot by 30 foot, with heat, water and skylights. It even overlooks the adjacent park, making it a dream man-cave.

Bruce Hackel RE/MAX 10

The value of the home is $395,000 and has four bedrooms and three baths. By all accounts, a very nice place in a really nice part of the Chicago suburbs.

However, the "man cave." It's got a pool table and a TV in the basement. That's it.

Bruce Hackel RE/MAX 10

To me, the ultimate "man cave" has TVs you can see from outer space, walls adorned with sports memorabilia, and beer, like everywhere.

Do you live in a home with a "man cave" you believe to be better than this one? Share your pics.

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