As I drive around, especially in rural areas, I have noticed that so many houses have big five-pointed stars mounted somewhere on the exterior of the house, especially between here and Bloomington off of I-69 and I have always wondered what they mean.

Turns out, there is no real specific explanation on the internet, but there are plenty of explanations ranging from being structural, to decorative, or membership in some sort of group or organization, but I do know they are called barnstars.

According to Wikipedia, barnstars are not in any way structural and are primarily decorative. One explanation said they are considered to be a symbol good luck and they are most prominent in Pennsylvania and German heritage farming communities, which would at least explain why I see them more often in rural areas.

Obviously they were seen most often on barns, which is how they got their name, but they seem to be more popular on houses anymore. I certainly don't think there is anything wrong with them, I just find it very interesting and would love to know what they mean to people who have them, because I'm pretty sure everyone would have their own explanation. What do you think?

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