A few years after moving out of Indiana, there were several times when I felt homesick. Sure, I missed my friends and family, but I also missed being able to order a giant pork tenderloin sandwich wherever I went out for lunch. I also missed the corn fields, persimmon trees, and local shops. While I've since returned to my home state, I have several friends who have moved elsewhere, and I've been looking at sending them some tokens from home. There is one item in particular that I found that may make the perfect gift.

The candle vendor, known as Homesick, currently sells candles that are designed to smell like certain states. In addition to there being one for Indiana, there is also one for Kentucky, which contains notes of bourbon, vanilla, and butter. While I have not smelled this candle, it looks like they may have knocked that one out of the park. But how well did they do on a candle for Hoosiers longing for home?

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When it comes to Indiana, the candle maker notes that the scent contains top notes of honeysuckle and Valencia orange. Additionally, there are mild notes of rosewater and wild blue indigo, as well as base notes of musk, honey, and persimmon. I'll be honest, I almost expected a popcorn scent in there, but at least they got the persimmon scent as part of the package. Here is Homesick's description for the Indiana candle:

A familiar sweet touch of persimmon accents the air. Floral filled breezes blowing across the fields evocative of the Hoosier state.

If you or someone you know is missing home, it looks like you can get a smell closer with this candle. However, it will cost you about $38.00 for a sniff of the Hoosier state. Luckily, if you're from Kentucky, that one is only $28.50.

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