If you're like me, you want to try everything out at Thanksgiving, but you just can't eat that much in one sitting...that was until science found a way to make that a reality!

It's 2020, you might as well go all out and splurge on food this Thanksgiving. You deserve it after the year we have had.

"Popular Science" posted an article on how to eat as much as humanly possible on Thanksgiving.  Fair warning, if you're one of those "healthy eaters", you probably don't want to try this. These tips are only for the serious food enthusiasts!

Here are the six things you should do if you really want to wine and dine like kings and queens this Thanksgiving:

1.  Don't skip breakfast.  You'll eat too fast if you go in starving.  So unless you're doing a super early dinner, breakfast is okay.  Just don't eat for four or five hours beforehand.

2.  Go for a brisk walk right before dinner.  It'll stimulate your appetite and help you digest any food that's still in your stomach.

3.  Take a few deep breaths before you start eating.  It's easier to pack a lot of food in when you're relaxed.  So some deep breathing should help.

4.  Start out with carbs, like stuffing and mashed potatoes.  Turkey has a lot of protein that makes you feel full.  Plus, mashed potatoes don't require much chewing.  And too much chewing tricks your brain into thinking you're fuller than you really are.

5.  Don't eat any vegetables.  They have a lot of fiber, which expands in your stomach.  And liquid takes up a lot of room, so don't drink too much either.

6.  Take a break and go for another walk.  It'll help you digest, so you'll have room for more.  And if you basically just ate carbs, your stomach will be pretty empty again in 30 to 90 minutes.

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