Mickey's Kingdom is currently doing their community build, where volunteers can come and help build the playground that's going to be accessible for children of all abilities, but one sign made the hard work all worth it! 

If you haven't noticed, there's a lot of construction happening near the river front in Downtown Evansville, well that construction is for a really awesome cause, building Mickey's Kingdom! They're currently in the middle of their community build which goes through Sunday September 23rd.

The community build needs volunteers, so if you have any free time, stop by and lend a hand! You don't even have to sign up before, you just walk up and sign in at the volunteer table, and they'll put you to work! The one thing I loved was how they took such good care of the volunteers, someone is constantly bringing around cold water, and iced down towels, the construction captains make sure that you take plenty of breaks, and overall they make it fun.

They also give you food! For helping out they'll supply you with lunch and dinner! Yesterday while going to lunch, I saw a sign that really made the entire day worth it.

This sign.



It's a simple drawing that says "thank you very much for building Mickey Kingdom" and I don't know who made it, or what their story is, but that sign reminded me this is why Mickey's Kingdom is being built.

It's for the kids.

Kids of all ages, and abilities. This playground is going to be fully accessible and fun for any child, no matter if they may need a little extra help. Kids who may never have had the chance to swing or ride a merry go round, are going to have the opportunity to do that! They're going to be able to go to Mickey's Kingdom, and it will be accessible for them.

And at the end of the day, that makes it all worth it! I'll be honest, after being in the heat for a few hours yesterday, and spending my morning digging post holes, I'm a little sore. Okay, "little" is an understatement.   But it was just a small thing I could do to help out, and I'm happy I was able to!

If you have any free time, consider stopping by and volunteering for a few hours, they'd love to have you!


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