There is no doubt that the word “cougar” has changed over the last few decades — no longer just meaning a “a large American wild cat with a plain tawny to grayish coat,” it now also suggests a whole different kind of animal — usually a super hot woman, of a certain age, on the prowl for younger man meat. Sooooooo what's the problem?????

The problem is that a new high school in Utah has scrapped plans to call its athletic teams the “Cougars” after some parents complained the name would be offensive to middle-aged women. WHAT?!?!?!! You are kidding me! There is nothing offensive about THAT!!! I see it as a badge of honor!!! ;-)

Nevermind that BYU, Utah’s most famous and most religious university, also calls their teams the Cougars.

Instead, Corner Canyon High School decided to go with Chargers. And while I could probably make THAT sound dirty too..... but, I won't. ;-)

[via CNN]

What do YOU think......

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