If you didn't save up enough money to travel to the Caribbean this year, you can still enjoy crystal clear water and a beautiful hidden beach right here in Kentucky.

Located in London, KY, Laurel River Lake, is just a little over 3 hrs away from the Tristate. It would make for an awesome family day trip rip that will help you relax and enjoy the beach on a budget.

Take a look!

According to kentuckytourism.com,

The 5,600 acre lake......amid the pristine beauty of the Daniel Boone National Forest, Laurel River Lake is a favorite destination for thousands of visitors each year. The quiet coves and cliff-lined shores offer relaxation and quiet reflection, as well as boating, fishing, skiing and scuba diving in one of the deepest and cleanest lakes in Kentucky.You can also fish and boat

Sound incredible!!

More pics and videos of Laurel River Lake.

You can also camp!

Find out more HERE!!

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