So, I just found out about this strange new game that Hasboro has out for family game night, and it's oddly interesting. It's called Don't Step In It, and as the name implies, the object of the game is to not step in "it." What is "it" exactly? Doo doo, a turd, poo, dootie, POOP! Okay, not real poop, because that would be gross, but squishy stuff, kind of like Play doh, that looks like poo!

So basically you spin this wheel to see how many steps you must take on this mat that is covered with "poo". The catch is, you are blindfolded, so you can't see where you are walking. Strange concept for a game, right? Yet somehow, I find myself wanting to give it a try.


The game sells for around $15 at places like Walmart and Target, if you think you might want to give it a try on game night. OR if you are feeling really brave, I can save you the $15, invite you to my friend DJ's house, blindfold you in his back yard, and let you see if you can walk across it without hitting any of his dog's yard mounds!

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