The Super Bowl is all about the commercials, some of which some have already been leaked, which is no accident by the way. There is always at least one ad that creates controversy and this year's is about a puppy having a bad day.

The folks at GoDaddy have been airing Super Bowl ads for years, but this one is getting a lot of criticism under the guise of animal cruelty.

The ad loosely involves selling dogs over the internet, which does not sit well with a lot of people. I really don't think the ad was meant to offend, but as we are all aware, political correctness has made it difficult to poke fun at something or someone anymore.

I know the ad will and has ruffled some feathers, but should it have been pulled? I'm not sure I would put this ad under the heading of animal cruelty, but I understand why some people will. What do you this ad just a funny commercial, or does it go too far? You decide.


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