A recently produced commercial by gun manufacturer Daniel Defense for the upcoming Super Bowl has been rejected by FOX and will not air. The spot is a 60-second commercial basically promoting gun ownership for protection purposes.We all know that gun control has been a hot button topic over the last few years and we also know the Super Bowl is as much about the commercials as the game itself. Many advertisers produce commercials to air during a Super Bowl broadcast, but not all make the cut. In fact, we might be surprised at how many are actually rejected.

The NFL has very specific guidelines for advertisers to follow and some advertising categories are prohibited under those guidelines...guns, ammunition and other weapons are in fact, prohibited categories.

The idea of a 'gun' commercial airing during something like the Super Bowl sounds a bit unsettling on the surface, but the topic has become a very important social issue like it or not.

The spot is very soft and tame and if you tune in at some point during the spot, you may not even know what the message is. It is not until the end that the actual subject of the spot becomes clear. Whether this spot belongs on television at all is another question altogether. Watch the spot below and judge for yourself.



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