I'm such a sucker for dogs! I love the breed that have the smashed face. I'm an even bigger sucker for puppies! There is one pup that is slowly stealing hearts. It's the new Butler University mascot. Butler Blue IV or Blue.

Blue- viaFacebook

Butler University's mascot is the bulldog. Trip, short for Tripple, is the current mascot and after this year he will retire. Some time in his rein I started catching all the things that Trip was doing whether it was games, or welcoming his human brothers.  This week they let out the news about Blue. I might have squealed a bit when I first seen him. Little, wrinkles, and squishy!

To add to the hype of little Blue there was a video of the puppy from the beginning, and his soon to be dad right after he was born!

The last picture that sealed the cuteness for me was the pictures of Blue at a month old. Those wrinkles, that puppy belly!

Blue via Facebook

If you want to follow this little chunky hunk, Check out his facebook pace here. If you wanna see what his predecessor Trip is up to and things he's done visit Trip's page.


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