After goofing around for the camera at home, young C.J. Weakley may soon find himself the star of a new Sprint advertising campaign.

C.J.'s favorite commercials are the new series of ads featuring veteran actors, James Earl Jones and Malcom McDowell reading text messages, e-mails, social media posts, etc. in the style of an over-the-top stage actor. Particularly, this one titled "Lizzy and Kim's call":

C.J. enjoys the commercial so much that he is known to walk around the house repeating the line "Totes McGotes, it's cray, cray adorbs" in the style of McDowell. So like any parent tends to do when their child is being "adorbs", C.J.'s mom, Heather broke out her phone and made a quick Vine video of C.J.'s performance.

Little did she know that video may make C.J. a star.

During an recent appearance on WTVW-TV's Local 7 Lifestyles, C.J.'s mother, Heather Weakley said a representative from Sprint reached out to her after discovering the video and asked to purchase the rights for use in a new ad. Heather agreed, and now C.J. can be seen on computers and mobile devices around country showing off his impression skills.

Heather says at this time, the commercial is only being used by the company online, however they're hoping to see it used on TV in the future.

Nice work, C.J.! Don't forget about us little people on your way to the top.

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