2021 seems to be an especially bad year for flooding, due to the number, and severity of hurricanes we've experienced. We've all seen the images of damage sustained, and heard about the loss of life in the southern part of the country. And we've all felt the effects of the remnants from those storms too, some more than others. Some of us may have only gotten a bit of extra rain that may have led to a flooded yard or a few closed roads. Others, though, were hit with some serious flooding that led to some serious damage, and one school in Dubois County, Indiana has the video proof.

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The Northeast Dubois County School Corporation recently shared a timelapse video on Facebook showing just how much damage can be caused by floodwaters in a relatively short period of time. The images were captured on August 30, 2021, at Northeast Dubois Intermediate School. The video (just shy of three minutes long) is truly incredible. The moment that really got my attention happens at :47 when the water finally finds its way to the basement. The thought of students or staff being stuck down there is truly terrifying. I even started to feel a little panicked just watching as the water got closer and closer to the ceiling. Unimaginable!

My mind can't even fathom what it would/will take to come back from this situation. Where do you even begin? Imagine the costs associated with all of the repairs that will be needed. Let's hope the school has some kind of flood insurance that will help cover those expenses. The following letter from the school's superintendent should give you an idea of the cost, in more than just dollars and cents too.

Facebook/Northeast Dubois County School Corporation
Facebook/Northeast Dubois County School Corporation

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