Good news for Chick-fil-A fans on Evansville's west side. Plans are on track for construction of the new location on the corner of the Lloyd Expressway and Rosenberger Road.

That will mean no more driving to the dreaded east side, which for some west-siders is less desirable than having their teeth pulled without anesthetic, to get that delicious chicken at the Mall or the Cross Pointe Boulevard locations.

Local Facebook page, Evansville 411 News, who tracks new commercial developments coming to the area, and was the first to report the new location back in February, posted the following update Saturday afternoon:

The post reads,

#EvansvilleDevelopment: Demolition will soon begin on the former Burger King building on Evansville's west side.

Once demolition is complete, construction will start this spring on the new Chick-fil-A building

Chick-fil-A will be located at 4400 W Lloyd Expressway. The restaurant is planned to open in late summer or early fall this year.

So for the time being, when the craving hits, you'll still have to make the trek down the Lloyd, but if things go according to plan, you won't have to much longer.

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