It's always disheartening to see displays of hate in your newsfeed, it's even more disheartening when it's confirmed that one of those hideous displays of racism is from your own community. 


There has been a disgusting photo making the rounds on Facebook, and it was speculated to be from Evansville. Unfortunately today EPD confirmed that the photo was taken in Evansville, and it's being investigated.

The photo shows 3 young white males, holding up an African American doll by a string tied around the dolls neck.  The doll has been drawn on, and the caption on the photo says "slaughter gang."  The photo is a disgusting display of hate, I won't be sharing it here.  But if you want to see it, you can see it here in Eyewitness News' article.

It's heartbreaking to see blatant displays of racism floating around the internet, but it's even more disheartening when that image is from your community. This is not the Evansville I know, this is not who we are.

Evansville Police released this statement today to their Facebook:

EPD statement on racially offensive image that is circulating on social media pages-
At 6:40 on Sunday evening, a community member contacted the Evansville Police Department about a racially offensive image that was being circulated on social media.
The image shows three white juveniles holding a black baby doll with a string around its neck as though they are hanging the doll. One of the juveniles has a shirt on his head that is shaped in the manner of a hood commonly worn by members of the KKK. The post identified the juveniles as EVSC students.
Due to the disgusting nature of the picture, the EVSC was immediately contacted in an effort to identify the juveniles. The EVSC was able to provide the names within 30 minutes of being notified.
Based on information provided by the EVSC, it was determined that the picture was taken at a weekend gathering at a private residence in Vanderburgh County. The information has been given to the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office for review.
The Evansville Police Department is no longer part of that review process.
Because the students identified in the image attend a school within the city limits, the school resource officer was notified last night and has been present in the school this morning. We have also remained in contact with the EVSC to ensure we provide any additional resources as needed.


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