As any parent is well aware, our kids sometimes do not make the best choices, especially at the high school level. Some of their decisions are made based on anything from bullying to peer pressure or just out of the need to fit in. A new program was launched on Monday to help kids make better, more positive choices as they move forward. Programs like DARE and Officer Friendly already help our young people make positive and well informed choices, and Choose Not to Lose is an additional resource for kids to learn how to make positive choices, which is the best education young people can get today.

The program was the brainchild of Evansville Police Chief, Billy Bolin and when he presented his idea, Vanderburgh County Sheriff Eric Williams, Mayor Lloyd Winnecke, Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nick Hermann and EVSC Superintendent Dr. David Smith could not sign up fast enough.

Larry Bennett of Audubon Chrysler in Henderson wanted to help and donated brand new Jeep Wranglers for each of the Evansville high schools. Each EVSC high school gets it's own Jeep completely decked out in that school's colors and logos that will be driven by the police officers and deputies assigned to those schools.

This program will be distributing information to students about bullying, starnger danger, drugs and alcohol, physical and sexual abuse and so on. Rewards programs will also be implemented for grade schools, middle schools and high schools, as well as a summer basketball league at the Calbert Cheaney Center.

Our kids are our future and anything we can do to help them move forward in the most positive way is something that will benefit all of us now and in the future.