Where Do Peeps Come From?
Easter is Sunday and the kids will be searching for their Easter baskets, which will undoubtedly contain several packages of Peeps - the most famous marshmallow treat in the world.
Leslie Puts the Love For Her Children To Music
I have been blessed with 3 amazing, beautiful children and have also been blessed with a wonderful, beautiful 'bonus' daughter. I still find it hard to believe that God would trust ME, with all my weaknesses and mistakes, to care for these precious souls. Being their mother is a job I was in NO WAY …
5 Creative Sleepover Themes for Child's Party
Slumber parties have incredible potential for chaos, with the combination of sleepy kids, liquids moments before bedtime, and shovelfuls of junk food. Adequate planning will ensure less stress for you and more fun for your children. These themes are sure to keep everyone happy and entertained until …
10 Flower Girls Who Are Terrible at Their Job
To an adult, it seems like the simplest task in the world. But to a small child, walking down an aisle and sprinkling flower petals on the ground is apparently totally terrifying. Here are some videos of little girls who just can't handle the pressure of being flower girl...

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