Folks in the Evansville area might be very familiar with the local band, Tailgate Revival. Yesterday, the band released their first single, and it's a 90s throwback.

Tailgate Revival has been a must-see band in the Midwest since their 2016 debut. The band has grown from a bar-honed cover band to a full-fledged country touring act throughout the years. I can't tell you how many times I have seen them live, and each time they deliver with their high-energy blend of country covers, along with can’t-miss acoustic sets...especially all of those big 90s country hits.

Nathan Perry
Nathan Perry
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The lead singer Blake Billman and I have become friends throughout the years, bonding over our love for 90s country and Travis Tritt. In fact, Travis Tritt is kind of responsible for how we met years ago (which you will be able to hear in a second).

Nathan Perry
Nathan Perry

Since the band's inspection, Tailgate Revival has gone from playing shows at Evansville area bars to opening for some pretty big names such as:

  • Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Travis Tritt
  • Riley Green
  • Darryl Worley
  • Randy Houser
  • Lainey Wilson
  • Michael Ray
  • Jordan Davis
  • Dylan Scott
  • Chase Rice
  • Lo Cash
  • Colt Ford
  • Craig Campbell
  • Jason Michael Carroll
  • Upchurch
  • William Michael Morgan
  • Muscadine Bloodline
  • Clayton Anderson
  • Walker McGuire
  • The Lacs
  • Charlie Farley
  • Lenny Cooper
  • Chase Matthew
  • Neal McCoy

Tailgate Revival's First Single

While they are known for their cover songs, the band has finally released their first single. "Enough of You" was released on March 30th, 2023. It's a love song that gives off the 90s country vibes. Blake Billman came into the studio to talk about the band and even play the single for us. Before we get into the song itself, take a listen to the first part of our interview where we talk about the band and you find out the funny way that he and I met.

Now, the part you have been waiting for. The new single. Once again, it's called "Enough of You," and Blake and guitarist Trey came into the studio to perform the new song acoustically. Take a listen:

Pretty good song, right? I especially love the second verse! "Enough of You" is out now, wherever you get your music. You can learn more about Tailgate Revival by visiting their website, following them on Facebook, and of course, checking them out live in concert too!

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