Central Bark Dog Park is celebrating it's 10 year anniversary by opening it's gates for one day for every furry friend free of charge! 

Photo Credit: Amber Petty
Photo Credit: AmberTurner

Central Bark Dog Park is celebrating 10 years in Evansville! It's a non-profit park whose goal is to give people a place to exercise and socialize their dogs in an off-leash park. They do require a membership fee to help with the upkeep of the two acre fenced in park. However for one day only to celebrate their 10 year anniversary they are opening their gates for free!

Photo Credit: Amber Turner
Photo Credit: Amber Turner

This Saturday, May 19th from 12P-6P you're invited to bring your dog and let them run free and get some exercise and play time in at Central Bark! Your dog of course, needs to be friendly, have all necessary shots, and must be at least 4 months of age for the safety of your pet and others..

Here's more details from  Central Bark:

In celebration of their 10th anniversary, Central Bark will open the dog park to the public for 1 day of frolic and fun on May 19, 2018, from 12pm to 6pm. The park is located at 2251 N. First Avenue, Kleymeyer Park, behind Walther’s Golf and Fun. Bring your furry family members out to romp and play in a safe off-leash dog park. Everyone is invited.


What you need to bring:

  • Your four-legged fur baby. (No dogs under four months of age and no toys, which sometimes lead to resource guarding).
  • A copy of their current vaccination record.
  • A leash for entry to and exit from the off-leash park.


What will be provided:

  • Two acres of securely fenced off-leash park.
  • Water and bowls for thirsty pups.
  • Bags for pick-up to keep the park clean.
  • Members to answer questions and talk about membership.


Evansville Dog Owners Group (EDOG) is a volunteer, non-profit organization that oversees Central Bark Dog Park.

Photo Credit: Amber Turner
Photo Credit: Amber Turner

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