There are three types of people. There are those, me for instance, who enjoy the flavor pickles bring to a hamburger or sandwich, or enjoy chomping down on a pickle spear after a big ol' bite barbecue. For me, I like the flavor combination the pickle brings to whatever it's paired with more than I do the pickle itself. Then there are those, like my daughter, who enjoy pickles as a snack, and can sit and eat them straight out of the jar. Finally, there are those, like my wife, who aren't content to simply eat the pickles. They love the everything about them, including what turned them into pickles in the first place, the pickle brine. They love it so much, they have no problem unscrewing the cap and drinking it straight from the jar. If you fall into that category, and have wondered why a pickle company hasn't just bottled that salty goodness, wonder no more.

The Mt. Olive company heard you, and have released a line of bottled pickle juices you can drink anytime you want.

As stated in the post, the 2-ounce, "5-Hour Energy" looking bottles are available now at Food Lion grocery stores, which to my knowledge, we don't have in the Tri-State. However, you will be able to order them on Amazon soon, although they don't offer a specific date or time frame, and when I searched Mt. Olive Pickle Juicers on Amazon, nothing came up. But a number of other bottled pickle juices did, although it's hard to tell how many of them are pure pickle juice. Many are touted as some sort of sports drink for rehydrating and relief of muscle cramps, so it's entirely possible they contain some amount of pickle juice, but they have other stuff mixed in too. You could certainly buy some and find out for yourself, or you could just wait until Mt. Olive releases their version. I'll just be over here putting pickles on my burger, and eating spears with my barbecue.

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