Doritos are one of the most iconic chips of all time, and their new flavor will have people wanting to run to the store to stock up.

Doritos just released their new Tangy Pickle chips in stores across the U.S. Pickle and Doritos lovers can rejoice and celebrate the tangy sour taste you love from pickles in chip form.

Now, I'll admit that I am not a fan of pickles. I know, I am weird. Most everyone loves them. Having said that, I think that Doritos might have a hit on their hands with these chips. Granted, these aren't the first pickle-flavored chips we have had here in the U.S. as Lay's and Pringles have released them in the past. However, what pickle fan wouldn't be excited to lick the pickle-flavored Doritos dust off of their fingers?

It appears that these chips can be found at Dollar General stores across the country. I'm not sure if the Tangy Pickle Doritos are sold exclusively at Dollar General, but since that's where people seem to be finding them, I would make Dollar General your first stop if you want to get your hands on some.

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