New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has proposed a ban on super-sized sodas in all restaurants, delis, sports arenas, movie theaters and street carts in New York City to battle the growing obesity problem and that has some screaming foul. Bloomberg's ban would include the sale of any and all large sodas and other sugary drinks in cups or bottles larger than 16 fluid ounces.

What's interesting is the fact that coffee, naturally sweetened fruit juices and alcohol would be exempt from the ban. Bloomberg cites the sodas and sugary drinks as one of the biggest contributors to the nation's growing obesity problem.

As you can imagine, people are all up in arms saying this goes way too far and it is government intrusion of the highest order. Citizen's rights groups are saying that drinking a large soda is nobody's business except the person drinking the soda and nobody should be able to tell them otherwise.

Business owners in NYC are also very concerned about what this will do to their business'. On the surface, this does seem to be very scary and the natural question would be where do we draw the line between personal choice and government regulation? It's hilarious and almost hypocritical to say that you can go to a restaurant and order as many 23-ounce beers as you want, but you are legally prohibited from ordering one 16-ounce soda...are you kidding me?

We all know about the obesity problem, but this really seems like an extreme solution that is so wrong on so many levels. Maybe they would argue that some people need to be saved from themselves and the only way to accomplish that is through government regulation. Just out of curiosity, would that mean that the sale or purchase of 2-litre soda bottles would be against the law? Talk about Pandora's Box......holy crap!!!

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