I found this video on Youtube and although it was reported and posted almost a year ago, I felt I should bring it up again.

It is startling to think that WE are the number one most obese city in the NATION. It blows my mind. How we did get here? I don't know what to say. Having never struggled with obesity, I have no background to give any advise or judgement.

All I know is, I want each and every one of you to have a happy, full and LONG life. I get up early (well it's really pre-early LOL) every morning because I LOVE talking to you. If I can make you smile, laugh, think, yell, want to vent, hate me or just think - I know it is all worth it. My job has a purpose and that purpose is YOU. But YOU have to be around. I want you around. :-)

This video makes me so sad though, because so many of you are suffering both physically and emotionally - not just in Evansville, but all over the world.

Let's make this year a year of change! Let's make sure that we are NEVER on that list again. So, love yourself and those around you, give support to those in need, and don't be afraid to ASK for help if you need it. LOVE yourself and know that you are amazing with gifts, talents and things to offer that are unique to YOU. Decide to be the BEST you TODAY!

Now...Group Hug!!! (((((((((((((((((HUG)))))))))))))))))

Leslie  \`-)


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