Christmas time is a very special time of year, especially for children who usually have quite a list of the things they want for Christmas. Our little guys submitted their very extensive list some weeks ago, but what if Christmas was cancelled...what then? That is the question facing three young boys in Hurricane, Utah whose parents, John and Lisa Henderson cancelled their Christmas. Not the decorations and the spirit of the season, but the the presents, Santa and stockings. The kids can still send Santa a letter, but the letter asks Santa to find kids who need those gifts more than they do.

The Hendersons say their boys have not been very good this year and are not at all appreciative and grateful for the things they have. The boys have had a number of issues with behavior and respect that forced them to take a more drastic approach.

As you can imagine, the boys were not at all happy about the cancellation and cried pretty hard for a while. Mom and dad feel their kids had no idea about the spirit of Christmas and were concerned about the sense of entitlement that goes along with it as far as gifts are concerned.

Lisa Henderson explained their decision in her personal blog and reaction was less than positive from people who saw the blog. Personally, I applaud the Hendersons for making this decision.

It does bother me the way my kids in particular, view Christmas and their level of expectation in terms of gifts. My brother-in-law Mark made a comment last year to his wife when they were sorting the various gifts for their three children. He asked why they are getting so much when there are still toys that have gone untouched from the previous year and are still in the box? That really got my attention.

How many times have we as parents, threatened our kids with no presents if they didn't straighten up? The problem there is we make the threat and NEVER follow through so, what is the lesson there for the kids?

Th Hendersons are using the money they would have spent on gifts to buy things for the needy and their kids are now totally on board with that and have a much greater understanding and appreciation of the spirit of Christmas. The important thing is not what you get, but rather what you is the spirit of the season.

The boys learned a very tough lesson, but a very necessary one that goes way beyond Christmas. What do you think?