All of us want to lose a few pounds at some point and we try a lot of different things. The problem with most diet and exercise plans is they deviate from your normal routine so dramatically, it's hard to stick with it. Carrie Underwood is a vegetarian and has been for quite some time, plus she gets a lot of props for her very healthy appearance, how does she do it? Carrie likes her sweets, likes to eat food that actually tastes good and does not want to live in the gym, so she created a diet and exercise plan for herself that seems to be paying off huge and according to Carrie, it's very easy to stick with. A reporter, Katie Zambrano, recently discovered that she and Carrie have a few things in common and decided to give Carrie's plan a try and after one week, lost an amazing four pounds much easier than she ever thought. To read and maybe try Carrie's plan for yourself from, click here.