Last night, my wife and I were watching the news and the first twenty minutes of the network newscast focused on the use of drones on U.S. citizens in U.S. cities and New Jersey Governor's Chris Christie's weight and I say, enough already. I would like to tackle both of these issues starting with the use of drones on U.S. Soil. Everybody is all up in arms about how drones are a tremendous invasion of our privacy, the ACLU is all over this issue and I can't figure out why. My wife and I might be the only two in America that sees nothing wrong with using drones in our cities and I will go as far to say, it's about time!

First of all, a drone is an unmanned flying machine equipped with cameras for the sole purpose of surveillance. Look at society today and what we are dealing with. How many stories have there been over the last several years that involved college students who have disappeared without a trace, children disappearing from backyards and playgrounds, not to mention the school, mall and movie theater shootings of the last year.

Something has to give somewhere and maybe using drones would be a great start if they can improve the overall safety of our citizens and more importantly, our children. These drones might very well pick up on something going down, alert the authorities and avert a crisis...what's wrong with that? People are so worried about their privacy, they fail to see the big picture. Here's a tip; if you're so worried about being seen by a drone, DON'T DO ANYTHING YOU SHOULDN'T BE DOING. We have to bear some personal responsibility here.

I have my concerns about 'big brother' just like everyone else but if my child is saved from almost certain tragedy because a drone was there watching, I'm all for it. Society has changed and we need better options for our safety and the safety of our loved ones. Maybe, just maybe, the time for the drone is here. I personally have nothing to you?

The other issue is Governor Chris Christie and the constant badgering this man is subjected to because of his weight. Do you think he is unaware of his condition and isn't concerned for himself? I have battled my weight my entire life and I can tell you first hand, that is one of the toughest battles you could face - mainly because it is a lifelong battle that never stops.

People who have no issues with their weight have no idea what the rest of us go through on a daily basis to stay as healthy as we can. It's so easy for someone to tell you to lead a healthier lifestyle, like you can just smack your forehead and say, "my bad" and just jump into a healthy lifestyle.

Christie lashed out at a former White House doctor who proclaimed publicly, that she is afraid "he will die in office". His children heard that and immediately asked him if it was true. So far, Christie's weight has had no effect on his ability to govern.

I guess it really is too much to ask that people be judged soley by the content of their character. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said that in his "I Have a Dream" speech and his undying belief in that notion went beyond race, creed, color and religion. We should be judged on who we are, not our body type or any other physical trait. Is that really so hard? I'm beginning to think it is and that's very sad. We really need to get a clue.

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